Until the End, or Not

At what point do you stop watching a show? My policy is to give a new show at least two episodes to hook me.

There are several reasons for dropping a show, and usually it’s a combination of factors that result in my permanently dropping something. Here are the main reasons why I drop a show:

  • Willful denial
  • Bad writing
  • Doesn’t live up to expectations or promised plot/genre
  • Characters that drive me insane
  • Boring
  • Time constraints
  • Lack of emotional or intellectual engagement
  • Genre burn-out
  • Lack of subs

Willful denial is probably the least frequent reason why I stop midway though a show, but the most common reason for why I don’t watch the last one or two episodes. Continue reading


Healing the Broken Mind

In the past year there have been several shows that had main characters who dealt with significant mental health issues. I think it’s an interesting trend. While the types of mental health issues vary (HJM and KMHM both deal with DID, but the symptoms are very different), there are some interesting commonalities in the way these issues originate and are treated, and the way characters react to them. I am only looking at shows with mental health issues which are NOT rooted in physical causes (e.g. amnesia, dementia), and which are diagnosed by a professional. The shows that will be discussed are: It’s Ok, It’s Love; Hyde, Jekyll, Me; Kill Me, Heal Me; Heart to Heart. Continue reading

Hypnosis is the New Super Power

Or at least it is for villains. We’re used to seeing shows with similar ideas airing at the same time in Korea (Master’s Sun/Who Are You, KMHM/Hyde, Jekyll and Me, etc.), but it’s less common to have that happen between an American and Korean show.

Recently Agent Carter and Hyde, Jekyll and Me both gave their villains the superpower of hypnosis. I about died laughing while I was watching the finale of Agent Carter, which is not the reaction the writers were going for I’m sure. These are VERY different shows, but it interesting to see how they both treated the villain’s use of hypnosis to forward their evil plots. Continue reading