Why Do You Watch Asain Dramas?

This is a conversation I have on a pretty regular basis. People are surprised when I say I watch more foreign tv shows than American ones. I am not Asian. None of my family members are Asian. I have yet to even visit an Asian country. So why do I watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong TV shows? How did I even get introduced to them?

I had a friend while I was in grad school who is Korean American. She ended up doing a study abroad in Korea and when she returned she recommended I watch Playful Kiss and Boys Over Flowers. I don’t remember which one I watched first, but after finishing both of them I went on the search for more Korean dramas, and that lead into other Asian shows.

I usually give people a brief list of reasons why I watch them, catered to that individual, but here’s the comprehensive list of reasons why I got hooked on, and continue to watch, a lot of foreign TV shows. Continue reading


Hypnosis is the New Super Power

Or at least it is for villains. We’re used to seeing shows with similar ideas airing at the same time in Korea (Master’s Sun/Who Are You, KMHM/Hyde, Jekyll and Me, etc.), but it’s less common to have that happen between an American and Korean show.

Recently Agent Carter and Hyde, Jekyll and Me both gave their villains the superpower of hypnosis. I about died laughing while I was watching the finale of Agent Carter, which is not the reaction the writers were going for I’m sure. These are VERY different shows, but it interesting to see how they both treated the villain’s use of hypnosis to forward their evil plots. Continue reading

City Hunter vs Healer

I have seen a lot of comments about how Healer is similar to City Hunter, and those refuting that, so I decided to do a compare and contrast to see just how much City Hunter and Healer really have in common. There will be many, many spoilers.


  • Father’s Betrayed– The next generation had to deal with the betrayals of their fathers. In City Hunter, Yun Seong’s foster and adoptive fathers were betrayed by leaders who were friends. In Healer, Jung Ho’s father was betrayed by a close friend. The events of the present were all set into motion by someone betraying their fathers.
  • Secret Identity– Both guys disguise themselves to get access to people and information they need.
  • Work Place Romance– Don’t think I really need to expand on this one 🙂 Though I should point out that in both shows while the OTP met before working together and the girl had the job first, the guy did not get the job for the girl.
  • Smart Girl– In both shows the love interest figures out the secret identity, rather than the guy telling her.
  • Life Goal– For both guys, their main/driving dream/goal is a desire for normal, happy life with the girl he loves.
  • Is that…?– Same actress played the heroine in both shows.
  • Nickname– Both of the guys are known to the public by an alter ego/pseudonym.
  • Cinematography-The style and feel of a lot of the shots were similar, as well as similar styles in doing the action scenes.

Continue reading