Hypnosis is the New Super Power

Or at least it is for villains. We’re used to seeing shows with similar ideas airing at the same time in Korea (Master’s Sun/Who Are You, KMHM/Hyde, Jekyll and Me, etc.), but it’s less common to have that happen between an American and Korean show.

Recently Agent Carter and Hyde, Jekyll and Me both gave their villains the superpower of hypnosis. I about died laughing while I was watching the finale of Agent Carter, which is not the reaction the writers were going for I’m sure. These are VERY different shows, but it interesting to see how they both treated the villain’s use of hypnosis to forward their evil plots.

Oh, and I know that we have cops in one show and federal agents in another, but for the sake of convenience I am calling them all cops.


  • The villain inserted himself into the investigation. Both men (huh, there’s another similarity) were able to get themselves alone time with the cops investigating their case, and they were trusted by those in charge.
  • They hypnotized a significant number of cops, though Dr. Ivenchenko only did one or two at a time while Yoon Tae Joo was able to get 5-10 at a time.
  • They could hypnotize someone quickly and easily.
  • They wanted revenge on a key character. Dr. Ivenchenko on Howard Stark and Tae Joo on Koo Seo Jin.
  • They had a brain washed minion. Dottie was brain washed into being the perfect infiltration and killing machine while Tae Joo’s minion lost his own personality and became Tae Joo.
  • Both men are actual, trained psychologists. Do psychologists take the Hippocratic Oath, or something similar? If so, both of these guys broke the “do no harm” clause.


  • Public vs private revenge. Dr. Ivenchenko wanted a public and messy revenge. It wasn’t enough for him that Stark suffered; he wanted the world to despise Stark as well. Tae Joo wasn’t interested in a public revenge. He just wanted Seo Jin to feel his pain and admit he was wrong. The publicity wasn’t the important part of the revenge.
  • Everything else about the shows. These are such different shows that aside from the villains using hypnosis there really aren’t any similarities, so I’m not going to enumerate them.
  • The cops in Agent Carter were a lot smarter about capturing the villain once they knew he was the the villain. Even though the cops in HJM knew Tae Joo was the kidnapper no one took precautions and he was able hypnotize a whole group of them at the elevator to escape. Meanwhile in Agent Carter, Agent Sousa was smart enough to put in ear plugs, then pretend to be hypnotized so he could capture Dr. Ivenchenko.
  • There are differences in the methods of hypnosis. Tae Joo needed music, some sort of visual cue and his voice to do the initial session. Once he planted the triggers only the music was needed. Ivenchenko could apparently hypnotize people by merely twisting his wedding ring and repeating “Focus, focus.”

It has just been strange to watch two very different shows basically give their villain a super power. Makes more sense in the world of Agent Carter with actual super heroes (even if we don’t actually see any) than in the more realistic HJM.


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